Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Project on the horizon

Its all very hush hush at the moment, and I may not get said project off the ground with all the work I'm having to put in on my teaching conversion course, but whisper it and I may have a new bike to work on. Hybrid bike, lost it's fork and front wheel, and can't be resold because the shop can't guarantee frame safety without a an X-ray and metallurgical analysis these days. Don't know what else they might strip off in the way of spares for the workshop. I could end up with a new commute bike out of this. My previous plan was to convert my Ridgeback Adventure 520SX to a 9 speed as the shifters will need replacing soon. I could get round the whole problem, and if needed transfer the wheels as the hubs on mine are fantastic deores, with a whole new frame. Then it would be a case of sourcing a new fork and headset only. Watch this space to see what new adventure I get to embark on.

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