Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Replacement of chainring

I have now received the Goldtech chainring from BETD, very prompt dispatched Tuesday and here the next day, so being free for half an hour fitted it. It is a simple job as there was no need to remove the bottom bracket and adjust the front derailleur. Simplicity does have its merits. I do need to work at getting the chainretention device to fit cleanly though. I think over the rougher downhill sections it will save me from spinning my legs in a futile attempt to provide drive when required.

A few points for future reference though - SRAM powerlinks are a life saver! I rerouted the chain after shortening the chain for the smaller chainring. This new route through the jockey chain was clearly going to do nothing for the chain or the noise levels as I cycled. Ooops! Undoing the masterlinks though was almost literally a snap. Clearly, if ever I should desire to move back to the larger chainring I am going to need a new chain. I have saved the old links, but I am not convinced despite assurances that they will do anything but act as an emergency link to get me home. Finally, summer dust is much harder to remove from the drivetrain than mud.

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