Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homeward bound

Today I started on the home straight. A bit more internet searching and I found the brake boss parts I needed, or so I hoped. The sales team at UKBikestore were really helpful in sorting out if the bosses would fit and in no time at all the order was on its way. I should see these next week. In the meantime the crownrace fitting tool arrived from the folks at Wiggle.

Crownrace tool
The Cyclus Crownrace tool is heavy and chunky which is what you would expect from a device that is essentially a heavy tube for tamping down a ring on to the outside of the tube. It does come with an adaptor to allow the fitting or the race to road forks (1") and at £25 it is not too expensive. It does lack the finish of a pro-tool and I have to say mine has rust on the exterior suggesting the finish is not that good. Personally, I have at least one headset to change and alongside those for friends it will pay for itself in beers in no time at all.

Crownrace fitted
So confident that I will have all the parts need, I set about fitted the new Marzocchi MZ comp forks to the P3 frame. First, the crownrace, tamped down onto the forks. Then simply fit all the parts in the correct order onto the frame, to check they all fit. Thank goodness that the stem of the forks is not too short! Finally, grease the stem and then tighten all the bolts to hold the handlebars and the headset together. Finally,I fitted the front wheel again to avoid having to rest the bike on the front forks. Next week, brake bosses, brakes, chain, rear dérailleur alignment and cabling and we are in business.

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